Scoop is the fastest way to plan your next great office day.

Trusted by thousands of employees at leading companies such as Meta, Bestow, and Chubb
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✅ Set your in-office days in one tap
Your office plans automatically sync from Android to Google Calendar so you can easily keep everyone updated on where you’ll be, effortlessly.

👀 See everyone’s plans, all in one place
Get a look ahead at your day or week with a real-time Snapshot of who’s going in and what’s on your calendar. Make plans, shift meetings, and invite your Favorite people to join you.

⭐ Find time with your Favorite co-workers
Add work friends or close collaborators to your Favorites list to make it easier to see the days they're going into the office.

📅 Know where your meeting guests (actually) are
Scoop automatically syncs work locations to meeting invites, making it easy for guests to share and see where everyone plans to be.

🔁 Save time from repetitive updates with work routines
Set up your regular work routine, and Scoop will automatically add it to your calendar each week, so you only need to update your plans if something changes.

🤝 Easily create or join your existing team
Instantly add teammates, direct reports, and your manager to set up or join your team on Scoop and get full visibility into everyone’s work locations.

What customers are saying:

“If you want something user-friendly and simple for wanting to know when your colleagues are in the office, who is working remotely, and which site they are at - Scoop is for you!” - Charlene S

Scoop is intuitive to use and gives you great and timely insight into who you'll be interacting with at work that day! - Carrie E

Knowing what colleagues are going into the office - its super helpful to know this so i can plan when to go into the office or what to expect when I get there, I love it! - Megan G

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Thanks for choosing Scoop! In this release, we have included performance improvements to the Now tab and improved support using Intercom.
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