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From version iHome Zenergy 2.2.1:

About iHome Zenergy

The iHome Zenergy app is the perfect way to control all of your Zenergy products right from your Android device. The Zenergy app presents your personalized settings in a beautiful, convenient, and easy to understand way as well as helping you to learn more about the science of Zenergy.

The iHome Zenergy app provides:
- Advanced light therapy settings with mode descriptions to help you use the right light mode at the right time
- Selection and description of all built-in sound therapy programs to create your ideal relaxation environment
- Sleep timers with personalized combinations of light and sound therapy to help you fall asleep easier
- Detailed alarm settings and natural-wake pre-alarm settings to help you wake feeling more energized
- An additional nap timer for when you need a quick refresher nap
NOTE:  This app is designed to exclusively wirelessly control iHome Zenergy hardware via Bluetooth 4.0 (BT LE) enabled Android Devices

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October 23, 2018


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