SecureAuth Authenticate is a modern mobile app that verifies your identity so you can securely access your apps. SecureAuth Authenticate supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) for personal, work, or school apps and accounts. The authenticator generates 6-digit one-time passcodes/tokens (OTP codes) used commonly in two-factor authentication (2FA) flows.

SecureAuth Authenticate for personal use
Secure your personal accounts from account takeover with 2-step verification. SecureAuth Authenticate lets you protect your personal Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, Dropbox, and thousands of other cloud apps.

Personal features:
• Supports multiple accounts
• Quick QR code set up
• Works offline without Wi-Fi or data connection
• Can be installed to any Wear OS based device.

SecureAuth Authenticate for business use
SecureAuth Authenticate provides additional strong authentication benefits when paired with SecureAuth IDaaS in corporate deployments. The app is designed to work with adaptive and passwordless authentication for cloud/SaaS and on-prem app single sign-on (SSO) scenarios.

Business-critical features:
• Push notifications – Prompt to approve/deny a login that requires MFA
• Symbol-to-accept – High-security prompt requiring user to match a specific symbol
• Unlock detection – Security protection when phone lock protection is disabled
• Anti-cloning – Security protection when phone OS is cloned to another phone
• PIN protection – Prompt to enter PIN to display OTP code
• Offline mode – Generates OTP code for MFA-protected Windows or MacOS login
• QR code or activation link enrollment – Convenient methods to configure the app

Getting started
Follow 2FA or MFA setup steps in the app you want to protect. Once you scan the QR code or enter a setup code, your account will be set up for 2FA.
Visit to get started.

From version SecureAuth Authenticate 23.03.00:

Support for Android 13
QR code login
Minor bug fixes and UI enhancements

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