Powered by Football Manager, FMdB equips you with the knowledge you need on the world’s best footballers – more than 450,000 of them from over 50,000 teams!


FMdB is the definitive football companion app, keeping you informed in every situation:

• WORLD CUP 2018 – Has a particular player caught your eye? Find out more on FMdB
• TRANSFER WINDOW – Your team’s been linked with a player? Check out his skills and potential on FMdB
• GAMING – Packed a load of players you’ve never heard of? Use FMdB as your scouting app
• FANTASY – Trailing your mates in Fantasy Football? FMdB will help you push towards the top of the league
• YOUR TEAM – Your boys been handed a tricky cup tie? Scout the opposition on FMdB

Used by many of the world’s leading sports data companies as well as professional clubs from across the globe, the Football Manager Database has 50+ data fields on almost half a million players, including:

Current rating
Potential ability
Best position
Preferred foot
Career History
Player Bio

Discover the next wonderkid before he’s a household name and scout the players that your team ought to sign. Install FMdB now and get ahead of the game!

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