MagiConnect T-Cast Smart TV Remote TCL Android TV and Roku TV Remote is a Cast-to-TV function for TV users.

Nscreen ( TV Remote ) is the current MagiConnect T-Cast, which is designed for TCL and Android Smart TV, and Roku TV. T-Cast allows you to control your TV by your phone.

What's MagiConnect T-Cast?
• Multi-function remote control and Home Entertainment Hub for TCL Smart TVs including TCL Android TV and TCL Roku TV.

T-Cast is a Universal Remote Control for Smart TCL TV. T-Cast universal TV remote control brings flawless experience as an alternative to a tangible TV remote control with much more handy and variable functionalities. T-Cast remote control aims to support all the available TV Models provided more than just a remote APP.

• Please make sure you open T-Cast on TCL Smart TV, finding it on the 'TCL Channel' or 'APPLICATIONS' lane on the home page of your launcher
• Please make sure your TV and phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
• Disable the AP isolation option on Router (if applicable)
• Please click 'TV Connection' to identify your device

Our Points:
1、Use your phone to control the TV;
2、Cast the latest movies and TV series (even Websites) to the big screen;
3、Share your photos, videos and music to the TV;

Main Features:
• Multiple navigation modes, including Button Remote with Direction, Touch Remote and Mouse Remote(only support some specific models)
• Not only cast your local files (Photos, GIF Pictures, Videos, etc.) from phone to TV but also support cast Websites to the screen
• Quick launch TV apps through one click on the phone
• Share screen capture when you are watching social media or save it to your phone
• Cast YouTube Videos to TV with just one click

Supported Devices:
(included but not limited to the following Models)
TCL P65 Series 4K UHD TV : L50P65US, L43P65US
TCL S6500 Series FHD AI SMART TV : L43S6500, L40S6500, L32S6500
TCL P6 Series 4K UHD TV: L55P6US, L50P6US
TCL P8M Series 4K UHD ANDROID TV: 50P8M, 43P8M
TCL P8S Series 4K UHD Android Smart TV: 55P8S, 50P8S
TCL C6 Series 4K U
All Chormecast and Roku TV

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We are always and sincerely looking forward to hearing from you!

Latest: 4.2.742 on August 31, 2022
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