Are you fond of space shooting games?
Then enjoy this simple yet exciting shoot'em up game. All you need is to choose one of various spacecrafts, enhance it and beat off numerous invaders in the galaxy.

Astro Wings (Gold Flower) is an arcade bullet hell game in pixel graphics, where you can enjoy both danmaku and shooting. The rules are simple: Avoid the bullets and shoot down the enemies. Their fancy and various barrage would stimulate your competitive spirit!

• Bullet hell space shooter game with pixelated graphics
• Move your spacecraft by sliding and touching the screen and double-tap to rotate your direction!
• Attack and destroy the drones! The boss flies away after certain time!
• Equip the Turbo Pack and enable a powerful turbo mode!
• Equip Shield and Jewels to dodge from the enemies' space attacks.


Retro Shooting: Plane Shooter 3D
Pixel Craft: Retro Shooter
Burning Sky: Aircraft Combat 3D


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