The best price comparison, barcode scanning and set up alerts when an item goes on sale. We check retailers sites for new price drops so you don’t have to. Get a detailed price history report to compare prior sales. You can use the barcode reader to scan or enter a keyword search to find any item with the world’s top rated barcode-scanner.

The original Barcode Scanner and price checker. Find stores near you with the product in stock and at the best price. The Barcode-Scanner is using the latest machine learning to find any barcode. Coverage of all top retailers with keyword search and scanning app so you can find the lowest price fast, easy and free.

With ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner, price scanner, and QR Code reader you can:

- Search for any product via UPC code, barcode and keyword
- Barcode Scan any product and compare all the best prices on the Internet and at nearby, local stores.
- Save money with price comparison and product search for any product or retailer.
- ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner is retailer neutral. We include every retailer.
- Price Match- we’ll even help you drop the price at the register using the store’s own price match policy.
- Scanning app with unmatched accuracy and results.
- Fast barcodeScanner
- Scan a barcode and save the product to get alerts and constant price monitoring.
- Scan QR codes, bar-codes or scan anything- not just scan barcodes.
- First and Best Barcode Scanner and QR Code Scanner. Free Barcode-Scanner.
- New Scanner Technology uses machine learning to scan any barcode and code type lightning fast! No Barcode reader can match the speed and it’s a free scanner!

With ShopSavvy you will save you money and never miss a deal! You can search by product name or barcode scan any item. Lighting fast barcode scanner and product search.

Price comparison or QR Code Scan and Save! Not just a barcode scanner but a QR Code Reader and scanner as well.

From version Barcode Scanner - ShopSavvy 16.10.19:

THEMED ICON! Thanks Android 13 :)

Now you can compare the price history of multiple retailers in a colorful, interactive chart.

Improved onboarding flow. Improved help/what's-new section.

Much improved language support for: Arabic, Spanish, French, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portugese, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, German, Greek, Persian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Icelandic, Hebrew, Malay, Burmese, Polish, Swedish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese

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Barcode Scanner - ShopSavvy 16.10.19


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