You can check for root permissions directly from the app in the first card.

With this application you can restart your phone in different modes provided, with a short description to help the inexperienced in the selection. Possibility to shedule reboots.

- Normal Reboot
- Fast Reboot
- Secure Reboot
- Recovery Reboot
- Bootloader Reboot
- Reboot to Download Mode (Only for Samsung Devices)
- Power Off
- Restart SystemUI.apk

You can use these commands even in the new 3 widget!
- 1x1 Widget
- 3x2 Widget
- 3x3 Widget

In the settings you can set if display the confirmation dialog when you do an action, the alert dialog if the battery percentage is under a certain level and the items on the 1x1 widget!

Now you can schedule the automatic shutdown or the automatic reboot of your device at a certain time! There could be some bugs! Report them to me!

Support for Android Wear Notifications!

In the Extra section you can see the statistics of the used commands and more.

Help me for the traslation of the app here -> www.localize.im/projects/ks

The app is now open suorce -> github.com/simoneluconi/EasyReboot

Suggest me new voices on the XDA thread ( bit.ly/1Gkdv3U ) or via email that you can find on this page.

This app is designed for Android Lollipop (5.0+). However, it is compatible from Android JellyBean (4.1+) but incompatibilities are possible!. Let me know!

From version Easy Reboot [ROOT] 81:

- Update translations

THE APP IS NOW OPEN SUORCE! Look here: github.com/simoneluconi/EasyReboot

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Easy Reboot [ROOT] 81
June 18, 2016


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Easy Reboot [ROOT] 2.45
April 6, 2016


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