Catch that! is an *unofficial* live map for Pokémon Go players. See where others have found pokemon near you!

Data is completely crowdsourced and logging in isn't necessary. Results are instant and no scanning is needed. Best of all, it's FREE!

You can also view this map on the web:


As data is crowdsourced, results may be unavailable in some locations. Typically big cities such as the following would have results:

* New York City
* Philadelphia
* Boston
* Montreal
* Toronto
* Washington DC
* Chicago
* Atlanta
* Miami
* Minneapolis
* Denver
* San Francisco
* Seattle
* Los Angenes
* Vancouver
* San Diego
* London
* Manchester
* Madrid
* Barcelona
* Paris
* Amsterdam
* Rome
* Singapore
* Jakarta
* Sydney
* Melbourne


This app is powered completely by user submitted data. Skiplagged and its users do not communicate with Niantic's servers. We are not associated in any way with the Pokémon Company or Niantic, nor do we hold the rights to any copyrighted material.

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