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To use Sky Broadband Buddy, you need the right Sky Broadband package. For more information go to www.sky.com/buddy. If you signed up recently, you’ll be able to use Sky Broadband Buddy as soon as your subscription is active.

For more info go to www.sky.com/buddy

• Create different filters for everyone in the family so they only see what they should
• Keep tabs on screen time by setting regular time limits and bedtimes
• Whether it’s homework time or family time, tap pause on one person or the whole home and they won’t be able to get online
• See what your family does online, including the sites they visit
• Washing up done? Bedroom tidied? Use screen time rewards as your digital carrot and keep everyone happy with more of their favourite apps, games, or sites
• All Sky Broadband Buddy features work across 3G and 4G as well as WiFi

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