By enabling the acquisition of the notifications generated by the apps you can also recover the messages deleted by an app: for example if a friend sends you a message and then deletes it Read4Me will record it in its archive and you can read it comfortably whenever you want !!! You can also configure Read4Me to read the notifications you want with the hands-free phone, Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth car stereo, Android Auto car stereo.

Read4Me is a sophisticated system of reading and managing phone notifications (Whatsapp, Twitter, Messenger, SMS, Email, Phone, ...). It can be used while driving to listen reading notifications, (through the TTS system), without taking your eyes off the road. This is one of the possible uses. In particular, the app has a voice-activated interface that enables you to manage it without using the touch screen. Read4me, indeed, reads to you the messages received via hangouts, whatsapp, etc

Important: Read4Me integrates all the functions of Smart Control perfectly. it constitutes the interface of vocal commands, that allow you to control most of the functions of Smart Control through the voice.

In addition, the reading messages can be heard on your car stereo thanks to a bluetooth device: in particular, the app activates the speakerphone automatically without requiring source selection.

Read4me has a sophisticated system of configuration and filtering of notifications. You can decide which app you want to set up: in this way the app will acquire notifications and you can set its default behavior (acquisition, reading, removal). You can also define filter rules in order to decide which notifications you want to acquire, read, or remove from the notification bar.

We care customer's satisfaction, so if you have any problem do not hesitate to send a message through the specific function on the home of the app.


The Lite version, has the following limitations:
- It does not allow the activation of the voice interface;
- It does not allow the configuration of more than three apps;
- It does not allow the definition of filtering rules of notifications;
- It does not allow the cancellation of notifications acquired.

From version Read4Me Lite Notifies messages 1.10.1:

- Improved reading logic on Bluetooth audio;
- Improved default configuration;
- Permitted journals required by the app;

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Read4Me Lite Notifies messages 1.10.1


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