1) Updated new mount: Motor Airship
2) Updated new pet: Thunderclap Lion King
3) Updated new summer theme titles
4) Updated new summer theme fashion
5) Optimized the content of the in-game store
6) Extended the level limit of Runes
7) Updated Quality 45 Runes
8) Changed the background pictures to summer theme

The atmosphere of Thanksgiving has also been spread in Avzar! In celebration of the day, we've prepared several special treats for you! The new Solo Challenge in Team Instance is ready for you to challenge, the Pet Tale is waiting for you to experience, and also the mount desires fortification. Besides, new rewards have now arrived in Battle Royale. Come and find out more!

Touch Arcade – “A stand-out in RPG genre!”

App Advice – “An intense and fast-paced dungeon crawler!”

148 Apps – “Make this the Year of the Panda!”

Inside X Game*Spark – “Best of Social/Mobile E3 2015”


The Journey Begins

Grab your sword and battle hordes of crazy creatures, magical mysteries, and sinister specters on an action-filled journey to become the ultimate legend! Prove you have what it takes in a goofy and thrilling action adventure MMO rendered with PC game quality 3D graphics and full-body motion capture technology.

Slash Through Opponents

True power lies within, unleash your hero and fight through to infinity! Battle through unique levels wielding blades, magic, and fists to bash enemies into oblivion with a fun, fast-paced action combat system. Master the unique skills of 8 distinct heroes to defeat enemies and become the ultimate champion of Avzar!

Discover Powerful Gear

Build up a powerful hero through strength and cunning in an RPG adventure! Collect and upgrade gear, skills, pets and mounts to increase your might and unlock your inner potential. Do you have what it takes to become a Taichi Legend?

Battle Online and Rule the Land

Join in online PvP and co-op with other players! Take on powerful bosses, and become a hero alongside allies in Team Instances. Battle in the arena, join Guilds for online Guild competition and co-op, or enter the fray in 25v25 Battle Royale PvP. Capture territory in Warpath, and rise to the top in team arena PvP League!


Visit our official site to learn more about Taichi Panda: panda.snail.com/en
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Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/TaichiPandaOfficial
Community Forum: pandabbs.snail.com/

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2.73 APK
September 8, 2022
arm64-v8a + armeabi-v7a
Android 4.2+
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Taichi Panda 2.75
March 9, 2023


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Taichi Panda 2.74
December 8, 2022


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September 8, 2022


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Taichi Panda 2.72
July 7, 2022


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Taichi Panda 2.71
April 1, 2022


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Taichi Panda 2.70
December 21, 2021


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Taichi Panda 2.69
December 16, 2021


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Taichi Panda 2.68
September 2, 2021


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Taichi Panda 2.67
May 27, 2021


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Taichi Panda 2.66
March 18, 2021


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