This application is for the Future Lab Program™ N.
Before using the wearable device, please install this application onto your smartphone.
You can begin the initial setup and launch the Future Lab Program N tutorial.

Main features:
- Setup of neckband-style wearable device and personalized radio service
- View status of neckband-style wearable device
- See online help of neckband-style wearable device

N is a concept prototype featuring a voice interaction system.
With ears open, hands free, and eyes no longer distracted by mobile displays -- you can enjoy music and get up-to-the-minute information on demand, promoting a more active lifestyle.

■Neckband-Style Wearable Device
N’s innovative open-air speaker system provides a hands-free option for enjoying high-quality sound anytime, anywhere.
This application is used to setup the neckband-style wearable device.

■Personalized Radio Service
N’s interactive information service provides up-to-date news and information on demand anytime, anyplace.
A smartphone with tethering or personal hotspot function is required.

■Open-Ear Earphones
With N's open-ear earphones, you can listen to your favorite music, news and weather updates at your preferred volume while still hearing the sounds of the world around you.

From version Future Lab Program N 4.0.2:

Performance improvement.

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Future Lab Program N 4.0.2


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Future Lab Program N 1.1.0


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