What is Sony’s Concept for Android™?

Sony’s Concept for Android™ is an initiative developing an alternative Xperia™ system software. The concept software has commercial quality and replaces the entire system software after registration in this app.

The Concept is based on a re-architectured software which enables speedy updates of the software. This means that not all official Xperia™ features are part of the Concept software. We have not "removed" anything, rather it's a clean slate where we aim to add only the features that are crucial to you. During this work we together seek new ways towards a better experience.

Our wish is to bring you along for the ride. So join in, get your voice heard, and help us make the best possible software for your Xperia™. If you just want to enjoy this awesome software quietly, that’s okay too! ;)

Key benefits with the Concept software are:
· Get in touch with our developers and discuss the product experience with other users
· Frequent software upgrades
· Fast turnaround time on Android releases and the latest security levels
· Freedom to choose which apps you want to keep
· Ability to install additional Sony apps from Play store
· Significantly increased amount of user storage

The Concept is available for consumers in European markets as an optionally downloadable software for the Xperia™ X. The software will be sent to the phone as a software update package after the registration has been completed. Your warranty is not affected by installing the Concept on your Xperia™ X.

To learn more: www.sonymobile.com/conceptforandroid

For additional questions: talk.sonymobile.com/t5/Sony-s-Concept-for-Android/bd-p/XperiaXconcept

All versions
Concept Installer 1.3.0
April 19, 2017


Uploaded:April 19, 2017 at 8:25AM UTC

File size:3.78 MB


Concept Installer 1.1.0
November 8, 2016


Uploaded:November 8, 2016 at 2:59PM UTC

File size:2.8 MB