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Share your screen, video chat and hangout with your friends.

How? Simple, just :
- Choose an app
- Invite a friend
- Start sharing

And then the fun starts! You can chat and hangout with your friend while sharing your screen, as if you were sitting on the couch together!

You can share anything on your screen
- Games
- Videos
- Photos
- Online shopping
- News
- You name it! et.c

You could pretty much do anything, together, whether it be plan a holiday, share gaming exploits, or just hang out!

PlayJ is a social screen sharing concept from Sony and is currently available as a beta . The service is still under development and should be seen as a trial. The service may be suspended or closed at any time.

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From version PlayJ - Group Screen Sharing - Social Video Chat 1.1.A.0.7:

Hi all

Unfortunately we have to close this service.

Thank you all for the support and usage of the app. I hope you liked it and hopefully it can be started again in the future.

Stay tuned on this Facebook page for future information about the service.

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