This is the official Smart Control application for your Sony SmartBand™ Talk.

With this application you can customize your Sony SmartBand™ Talk, SmartBand™ or SmartWatch2. With just a tap you can turn on/off the phone speaker, Wi-Fi, or radio. You can quickly check the smartphone battery level or even switch among the phone audio modes. Make your life easier and more fun with the Smart Control extension.

The available actions may depend on the accessory used. When you have installed this app, it will not appear on your home screen. Instead, if you are using SmartBand™ or SmartWatch 2 it will be integrated into Smart Connect™. The Smart Connect™ app from Sony is required. If you are using SmartBand™ Talk, it will be integrated into the SmartBand™ Talk dedicated Sony app. SmartBand™ Talk dedicated Sony app required.

Works with: SmartWatch 2 SW2, SmartBand™ SWR10 and SmartBand™ Talk SWR30.

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Android™ apps and app extensions by Sony are designed to work with Android™ smartphones and tablets. However, some manufacturers may have set compatibility limitations in their devices resulting in decreased functionality.

Disclaimer: The functionalities may vary depending on Android™ release.
For Android™ Lollipop and other upcoming Android™ releases, it is no longer possible to turn on/off radio using the Smart Control application.


From version Smart Control extension 1.02.16:

- Functional improvements
- Control of call actions is removed for SmartWatch 2 SW2 and SmartBand SWR10 due to Android™ limitations
- In Android™ Lollipop it is no longer possible to control radio actions for all supported accessories

All versions
Smart Control extension 1.02.16


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