This release include new feature for all users, not only for Android O.

Notifications in context menu:
* Enabled dragging and dismissing of notifications. Longpress on an application with the blue notification dot and drag the notification to dismiss it.
* Sender is not included in the notification message in case it is already shown in the title.
* Expanded action bar made scrollable if needed

* Include contacts and messages in the search result.
* Show the most used contacts (based on phone calls, sms and stared contacts) matching the search string first.
* Added personalize search screen where user can chose sources to include in the search.
* Added Preference for Search Content in Home Settings.
* Show To: before all messages sent by you.
* Auto hide page indicator in search results view

* Avoid duplicate icons in apptray after drag and drop.
* Duplicate item in folder disappears even if cancelling drag.
* Fixed problem when not matching grid sizes on some devices.
* Remove app context menu when entering CUI with pinch
* Home clicks during transferring shortcuts from the CUI caused random (timing dependant) behaviour
* Memory leak
* Promise items lingering after installing instant apps
* Replace the old style default square grey icon
* Improve logging
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April 9, 2018
Android 5.0+
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February 1, 2018