What's new in AppXplore

From version AppXplore 3.0.2:

* Added new filter for applications having targetSDKVersion less than 23 (M).
* Added new filter for applications targeted Auto backup feature.
* Added new filter for applications having non granted permissions.
* Introduced in Help page for detailed information.
* Changed the way permission are displayed in “package details”
* Some Bug fixes

About AppXplore

Curious to know what permissions your apps are using, what Android™ version they are supporting, what libraries they depend on and more? Well a simple answer to all of this is the Sony Mobile AppXplore analysis tool. And it works on all phones running Android 2.3 and above!

With AppXplore you can now dig inside all apps installed on your device and find out detailed information such as app version, package names, certificate validity dates, application signature, permissions, activities and lots more.

With the simple UI and several nice features, it makes it a great tool for developers and tech savvy users. If you want to know more about your Android apps, AppXplore is one of the best analysis tools out there!

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AppXplore 3.0.2
December 2, 2015


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