New: COVID-19 tracking and contact tracing. Get alerts about COVID-19 in your area and enable tracing to get notified if you’ve had meaningful contact with somebody who later tests positive.

Get real-time, lifesaving alerts about incidents or danger nearby that could affect you or your loved ones.

Alerts go out within 90 seconds of a 911 or user report and are verified by trained Citizen agents.

Stop wondering when you hear sirens or see police activity, and check the app to find out what’s happening.

Live videos show you what’s really going on.

Know if a friend is near an incident and DM them to check in.

When something happens, you can follow live updates together.
From version Citizen: Connect on the most powerful safety app 0.991.0:
- Bug Fixes
- More to come, please continue to use our customer support channels, we love hearing from the community.
Latest: 0.991.0 on May 29, 2020
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