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From version SpoofCard - Privacy Protection 5.3.4:

We're excited to announce a major update to the SpoofCard app, designed to elevate your calling experience. In this release, we've revamped the call panel to provide even better usability.

About SpoofCard - Privacy Protection

Enjoy the freedom of calling and texting from a second phone number, without the hassle of being locked into a contract with your provider. No contract or SIM is required in order to use our service! Protect your personal privacy at all times when calling and texting, just by using one of our dedicated numbers. With us, you can save time and money with our various calling features AND enjoy an experience that isn’t bombarded with ads - ever!

Features include:
- Get instant access to a second number you can use for calling and texting. Whether you just want to protect your privacy or make business calls from home, we’ve got you covered!
- Call internationally without being charged long-distance fees by using our WiFi calling feature.
- Verify a number you own (your office, landline, and more) so you can call from it anytime, regardless of where you are.
- Enjoy texting from a second phone number so you can dialogue with clients, love interests, and others whenever you need!
- Looking to have a little fun? Add background sounds to your calls. Make it sound like you’re at an airport, club, restaurant, and more.
- Save time with our “straight to voicemail” feature. This allows you to control your day and save time when you need to avoid conversation. Their phone will show a missed call, and you’ll be automatically forwarded to their voicemail to leave a message.
- Record calls so you can review them later and share them to your Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
- And much more!

Download today and get free credits just for signing up!

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