Let your inner laziness shine bright. Stop wasting time in lines and ditch your grandpa’s computer. Simplify the way you manage your Boost Mobile account. Need to make a payment on your Boost account so you can order a pizza? Of course you do, and you can do it from your bed with My Boost.
From version My Boost 6.8.008:
When you’re on vacay with your crew in Miami and you’re thinking ‘I need to find the closest Boost Store’, now you can through the app. Introducing ‘Find A Store’ feature.

Now you’ll receive a notification from within the app when a chat agent responds with an answer to your questions… we want to get back to you right away.
(Android 5.0+)
Latest: 6.8.008 on December 10, 2018
All versions
December 10, 2018
September 28, 2018
April 5, 2017