Krita is a professional free and open source painting program. This is a beta release of Krita. That means it's not suitable for real work yet. Since the interface is optimized for big screen devices (tablets and chromebooks) we're not making it available for phones yet.

* concept art
* texture and matte painters
* illustrations and comics

From version Krita 4.4.0-beta (Early Access):

Bugs fixed since beta 1

  • Disable the DDS file format.
  • Fix crash when loading a file with reference images (BUG:426839)
  • Fix lightness strength option for smudge engine (BUG:426874 1)
  • Fix Cutoff Pattern option BUG:426874 1
  • Android: Vector/references don’t get rendered (BUG:422312)
  • Fix updates of color picker’s preview (BUG:426867)
  • Windows: add .lnk files for starting Krita in minimal and animation mode
  • Fix crash when undoing Rectangle Selection and doing redo after
  • Fix a crash when moving local selection mask (BUG:426816)
  • Fix shortcut for Polygonal Selection Tool (BUG:426916)
  • Fix update of color preview in MyPaint Color Selector on mouse click
  • SeExpr: assert isDirty on the correct preset instance (BUG:426911)
  • Fix snapping decorations in Create Path Tool (BUG:426514)
  • Android: Use Storage Access Framework for all file operations (BUG:424541 2BUG:423670)
  • Android: show recent files on Welcome widget
  • Android: Fix problem with loading/saving file layer
  • Android: Fix saving for files with no extension
  • Android: Fix saving with selections
  • Bugfix: usage logging could not be saved to a file on Android (BUG:427043)
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