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- Fixed bug with Thing Replace in Studio (Flow Creation/Editing Screen)
- Fixed geofences not triggering
- Fixed issue with Max value of slider being hard-coded to 100
- Tweaked some app navigation functionality
- Phone number validation should now allow all phone numbers
- Various control updates/fixes
- Performance improvements
Build: 1701090954
The award winning Stringify app connects all your physical and digital Things together in one place so you can take better care of your self, your family, your home or just get more done.

Easily create and add powerful Flows that automate your life. For example:
+ Secure your home and save money when you go to bed by automatically locking your front door, closing your garage, turning down your temperature and turning off the lights.
+ Automatically jumpstart every morning with the traffic report playing over your connected speaker, your lights fading on and thermostat set to just the right temperature.
+ Get gentle reminders to stay fit, like the blinking of lights and a message over your connected speaker.
And so much more all in one app...

To get started, we’ve included a starter kit of Flows that you can add in a few easy steps. Discover more of the best experiences by browsing collections covering Safety, Fitness, Family, Work, Social, Work and Driving with more coming all the time. You can even connect your friends and family inside a Flow to share in the fun. And when you make a Flow your own, its easy to share with others via text, Email, social and more.

[BETA Info]

As this is a beta build, we haven’t implemented the tutorial or onboarding yet so bear with us. In the meantime, this quick start guide should help you get going:

Known application issues:
- Some UI elements may be getting cut off on devices with lower resolution or smaller screen size. We will continue to test and update future releases.
- Tutorial Videos: Unable to play in full screen when you tap on one of the videos.
- Settings>Personal Info: Not able to see or update time zone.
- Logitech Harmony: You can currently build flows using Logitech Harmony and the activities you have already set up. However, we are currently missing controls for Logitech Harmony so for short while, you will not be able to control your activities on demand.
- Rachio: You can build Flows using Rachio irrigation controller however for a short while, you will not be able to control the irrigation controller on demand. We are hard at work bringing this functionality
- Friends: Friends is the ability to add your other people to your Stringify account. You can include these Friends in your Stringify Flows and send them notifications and emails when you Flows run. Currently this functionality is supported on iOS and is under development on Android. Until we make this available on android, you will not be able to add or manage new Friends nor import any flows that include Friends.
- Notifications: Unable to Clear All new notifications when you have multiple unread notifications.
- While building a Flow, some trigger fields show “Parameters” with + next to it. This shouldn’t be there as parameters are passed from a trigger to an action or from an action to another action in case of cascading Flows.
- We have tried to make this build fairly stable but it is still in early beta. Occasionally the app hangs. You may experience some performance lag. You may see the loading spinner more times than you should. This is where you come in - help us figure out these kinks, so we can collectively build one of the best apps you’ve experienced.

Known device issues:
- We’ve run into some sluggishness issues on one of our Moto-Gs. Some of the text is also compressed in the interface. We are looking into this, but if you have this phone, let us know your experience.


We will continue to monitor the forum and reply as soon as possible.
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January 10, 2017
arm64-v8a + armeabi + armeabi-v7a
Android 5.0+
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