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With the Cub app, you can add digital deals directly to your digital account and save instantly at checkout.

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Top app features:
· Access to exclusive digital deals.
· Browse the weekly ad and add special offers to your digital account.
· Redeem offers and earn fuel rewards at checkout with a quick scan of your personalized barcode
· Check your fuel rewards balance.
· Create a shopping list and check off items as you shop.
· Quickly refill your prescriptions.
· Find a Cub store near you and get more store details.


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From version Cub 3.0.13:

We fixed a bug for Shop Online link.

Latest: 3.0.6 on June 17, 2019
Latest: 3.0.13 on May 29, 2021
Latest: 3.0.13 on May 29, 2021
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