Swann, a global leader in security for home and small business, has unveiled a fully integrated security app ecosystem, encompassing wired and wireless devices.
With Swann Security, everything is controllable via this single app.
Swann’s wired security systems, including all of our latest DVR and NVR series, now work seamlessly with wireless solutions such as Swann's new range of Indoor and Outdoor Wi-Fi security cameras.

A list of products that work with this app can be found here:

Please note that other Swann CCTV and IP camera models will not work with this app. This page will be updated as new compatible products are released.

Note: This app uses a data stream that will connect to your Swann system via 4G/5G or WiFi. When using 4G/5G, the video from your Swann device may be considered "downloads" by your phone service provider and could contribute to any download limit your phone data plan may have. If you exceed any plan limits you may incur additional usage charges. Consult with your mobile service provider regarding the use of a video streaming app and how it may affect your plan.

For assistance with this app, contact Swann Tech Support – [email protected]

From version Swann Security 2.3.18:

1.Image de-warping added for SWIFI-CAM
2.Rotating to landscape view keeps the live view connected
3.Retry button on dashboard made more reliable
4.Double tapping back button exits app
5.Updated Pan Tilt controls for SWIFI-PTCAM2
6.General Improvements & Bug Fixes

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