SwiftKey Symbols is a symbol-based assistive communication app, powered by SwiftKey’s prediction technology. This Android app is designed to facilitate communication between individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other communication disabilities and their carers.

SwiftKey Symbols learns from you in order to predict the symbol you’re most likely to want next, saving time and helping children with learning difficulties to communicate faster and more easily.

This application was built during one of SwiftKey’s Innovation Weeks and is being released in SwiftKey Greenhouse.


* Symbol sentence builder and next symbol prediction
* Audio playback
* Add custom photos as categories or individual symbols
* Day and time specific predictions
* Runs on Android smartphones and tablets


We’d love your feedback - please use the button in the app footer or visit https://vip.swiftkey.com/index.php?/forum/929-swiftkey-symbols/. We are specifically interested in feedback on how well SwiftKey Symbols works as a picture exchange communication app and what features you think it’s missing.


For more information on SwiftKey, our Innovation Days and SwiftKey Greenhouse, please visit http://swiftkey.com/en/category/blog/innovation/ and http://swiftkey.com/greenhouse.
From version SwiftKey Symbols 1.8:
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December 9, 2015