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Daywise is like a smart post box for your notifications. See only important notifications instantly, view the rest later on your time.

People who get notifications in batches are more focused and calmer.

Incubated at Behavioral Economics lab at Duke University.

Improve your focus, get more done with Daywise

With Daywise, in the next few days, you will:

* Enjoy long stretches of interruption-free work, without distractions
* Enjoy peace and quiet during your personal, bedtime hours
* Feel calmer, less stressed and anxious
* Build a harmonious relationship with your phone
* Improve your self-control and track your progress

Whether you’re a student or a working professional, Daywise will help you develop the focus and self-control to start performing at higher levels. Soon, you’ll start feeling more relaxed, more in control of your time and ready to win the day!

What you get with Daywise:

*Instant & batch apps recommendations - Daywise analyzes every app on your phone and categorizes them into ‘Instant’ and ‘Batched'. We do the heavy lifting, you add the finishing touches.

* Choose VIPs - Choose which of your friends can interrupt you during work hours, batch the rest for later. You decide who gets your attention. Grant "Contacts" permission to unlock this feature.

*Flexible batch timings - Choose the times of the day when you want to get notifications. Protect your work, sleep and personal time!

*Notification bundles - We'll send you a Daywise notification bundle of all notifications you got while you were working, sleeping and relaxing.

* Notification Inbox - Your batched notifications are neatly organized all in one place. See notifications when you want to, not when apps want you to.

* Create custom rules - Set which kind of notifications you'd like to see instantly, never see. Personalize it as much as you like, make Daywise your own.

* Improve your digital wellbeing - Learn how much time you spend on your phone and away from it. Find which apps interrupt you the most and batch them!

Privacy by design
All your notifications are stored only on the device. We don't send anything to our servers.

Got any questions or feedback? Please write to us at support@synapse.ly.

From version Daywise: Schedule Notifications. Be calm & focused 3.10.12:

- Monitor your social media app usage in real time with App Timer
- Pause batching during weekends
- You can now get instant notifications from your favorite WhatsApp groups: Tap on the 3 dots ⋮ of the group notification you want to mark as instant for more options.
- Share: Now let your friends and colleagues experience the benefits of reduced interruptions by sharing the app with them!
- Troubleshoot: Facing any issues with the app? Try troubleshooting (Options -> Feedback) to fix immediately.

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