Compatibility and Installation
1. This version is only available on Android 8.0 and above.
What's New
1. Supports recording, sending, and playing back voice messages.
2. Supports dynamically adjusting the size of text based on system settings.
3. Supports pre-loading messages when users receive push notifications to expedite the process of opening channels.
4. Supports turning chats into floating bubbles to allow the use of Synology Chat while on other apps. (Available on Android 11 and above)

Own a Synology NAS to start chatting with your colleagues. Synology Chat is a web-based application that allows you to create a safe and secure place where conversations can be held in real-time. Collaborate from anywhere using your mobile devices, whether you are at home or out of the office. Receive push notifications whenever there’s a new incoming message or mention, ensuring you never miss important updates.

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2.7.0 APK
June 8, 2021
Android 8.0+
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