BusinessHub Connect is the only voice and messaging app built natively in a mobile network. Make your business number a talk and text line that delivers the HD call quality you expect on your mobile phone today with full-featured instant messaging capabilities. Amp your digital workplace with a single app to help you work from virtually anywhere—powered by an advanced LTE network that covers 99% of Americans and the company that’s changing the wireless industry for good, T-Mobile.

Calling Features
• Full-featured desk phone on your smartphone
• Clear, reliable, HD-quality calls
• Office phone system features include Call Waiting, Hold with music, Blind Transfers, Introduced Transfers and 3-Way Calls
• Individual management tools like Call Blocking, Do Not Disturb, Call Forwarding, and Out of Office setting with customizable schedule and actions
• Seamlessly switch between devices mid-call
• Voicemail with message transcription (up to 5 min)
• Group Calls with the ability to add more callers during a call
• Incoming calls ring multiple devices simultaneously
• Call history, contacts, and voicemails synched across devices
• Caller protection with E-911, Name ID, Scam Block, Scam ID and toll fraud

Messaging Features
• Turn your office phone number into a mobile talk and text line
• SMS, MMS, and rich RCS messaging with ability to share documents, images, videos, emojis, gifs, and location
• Attachments up to 100Mb for 1:1 Messages and 10Mb for group messages
• Message individuals, a group, or start an ad-hoc group thread
• Up-level a chat with a colleague or group to a call with a single swipe
• Read receipts and see ‘is typing’ message replies in real time
• Out of Office setting with customizable schedule
• Persistent messages and contacts are synched across devices

Contact your organization’s system administrator for login credentials to get started.

From version BusinessHub Connect 0.019.027:

Ability to change voicemail pin
Bug fixes and improvements

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September 23, 2020


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