"reddit is fun", commonly abbreviated RIF, gives you a fast and intuitive interface to reddit.com.

Want early access to new features? Use this beta opt-in link: play.google.com/apps/testing/com.andrewshu.android.reddit

Now includes TABLET support and WIDGET! And Moderator features!

Cross-device HISTORY SYNC via synccit.com!
Set it up in Menu->Settings->Synccit

• INTERNET - The Internet
• BOOT - to restore mail notifications on device boot
• EXTERNAL STORAGE - thumbnail caching
• ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - detect connection speed for OPTIONAL ads
• GET_ACCOUNTS - associate Google account with custom themes
• MANAGE_ACCOUNTS, AUTHENTICATE_ACCOUNTS, USE_CREDENTIALS - add reddit accounts to system Account Manager
• VIBRATE - for mail notifications
• NFC - share current page via NFC
• READ_SYNC_SETTINGS, WRITE_SYNC_SETTINGS - sync web preferences with reddit.com
• BILLING - purchase Reddit Gold, and premium custom themes (but currently all themes are free)
• WAKE_LOCK - for various background processing (e.g., mail check, widget) supporting Android 8.0

reddit is a registered trademark owned by reddit, Inc., and used under license.
From version reddit is fun (unofficial) 4.8.24:
4.8.24 (Jan 22):
• Block users
• View original post from native crosspost
• Fix network, image, ad bugs
4.8.18 (Dec 2):
• Huge memory savings for image viewer
• Remove bad Unicode from titles
• Fix network, video, ad bugs
4.8.2 (Oct 13):
• Markdown editor
• Save and manage drafts
• Adaptive icon on Android 8
4.7.23 (Oct 7):
• New setting: Appearance > Auto-rotate in fullscreen
4.7.5 (Aug 11):
• Play YouTube, v.redd.it, MP4, WebM
4.6.5 (Jul 4):
• PRO: In-app image albums
(Android 4.1+)
Latest: 4.8.24 on January 26, 2018
All versions