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Just like your documents, TapScanner needs some editing sometimes too. In this version you will find improvements and bug fixes. We are working hard to improve the app. If you’re satisfied, we’d appreciate it if you rate the app!

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TapScanner: Your all-in-one scanner for every need

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Now you can simply scan, import and share right inside this portable scanner app.
Access everything you’ve previously scanned with this PDF Scanner app.
Join over 100 Million satisfied users
100 Million users trust TapScanner to be their tiny portable scanner. Download and start scanning now with the top scanner choice!
Low on memory? No problem
This scanner cam has a tiny binary footprint of only 20MB
Scan to PDF
• Scan any document and convert to PDF with your mobile device.
• TapScanner has got you covered with our pdf maker and pdf reader. Receipts, documents, business cards, whiteboards, ID’s, books and photos - From image to pdf immediately
We do the work for you with Auto Border detection
• Scanning made easy
• Get your documents auto cropped and sorted in the way you need them
• Save time cropping each document
Scan your ID cards & Passports
• Easily scan your ID or passport and share them.
Finish your paperwork from anywhere
• Use this document scanner to attach an E-signature using pdf sign tools.
• Mark and edit fields to add everything you need with an intuitive pdf viewer.
Reduce PDF size
• Compress PDF for easy sending
Get the perfect scan - Enhance with Filters
• Filters that will make your scanned documents look professional
• Remove shadows and artifacts to enhance your scans
• Clean your scans - Remove watermarks
• Port to black and white or adjust contrast and brightness
Backup to Cloud
• Just like that, scans on your phone are backed up to your favorite cloud.
Protect PDF
• Lock PDF with password to keep your documents secure
Edit text from your scans
• Convert image to text - Edit your scans with OCR
• Recognize text for easy text editing
• Export accurate text straight from your docs
• Read QR codes with the built in QR scanner which supports links, text ISBN and emails - simply access the Qr code reader in the cam scan module
PDF Editor
• Pdf splitter - simply import a pdf file and TapScanner will Split PDF
Manage your files
• Merge PDF files together to make editing easier
• Combine PDF files quickly to organize your files
Convert files
• Share your files in the format you need with advanced OCR : convert jpg to pdf files or convert pdf to jpg .
• Convert PDF to text for easy editing.
• With OCR, you can convert PDF to doc
• Using this PDF scanner, you can print directly from our scanner app.
Get everyone in on the loop
• Share documents easily and quickly to email, social media and instant messaging apps
• Create folders and tag documents to organize all your scans
• Find documents in your scanned library easily by name, tag or folder
“The unique thing about this app is that it takes multiple photos to create a detailed scanned document.”
Indian Express
“TapScanner is a scanning app loaded with features like OCR, batch scanning, and two very cool features.”
Deccan Chronicle
TapScanner Premium
• TapScanner Premium grants access to all exclusive features for you. Get all the cutting-edge scanning technologies with an ad-free scanning experience. Start your TapScanner Premium subscription with a free trial and Transform your device into a powerful document scanner and PDF converter.
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2.8.59 APK
June 17, 2024
arm64-v8a + armeabi-v7a
Android 5.0+
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