(6,554 ratings) is the Swiss Army knife of todo lists! It is feature-packed, flexible and customizable, synchronizes with a variety of services, and is completely open source, ad-free, and privacy-friendly!

Powerful features
Lists, tags, multi-level subtasks, custom recurrence rules, drag-and-drop manual sorting, hidden tasks, repeat after completion time, and custom filters. Use Tasks for habits, grocery lists, recurring checklists, or complex projects, it adapts to nearly any productivity system!

Google Tasks support
Tasks can be used as an open source Google Tasks client. Take advantage of advanced features on your mobile device and access your tasks in Gmail or Google Calendar on your PC

Many synchronization options
A CalDAV-based synchronization service is hosted by, but Tasks also supports Nextcloud, ownCloud, Synology NAS devices, and a variety of CalDAV servers. Tasks is also compatible with DAVx⁵, EteSync, and DecSync CC.

No vendor lock-in
Most task list apps use a proprietary protocol, making it virtually impossible to leave. Tasks is powered by the open iCalendar protocol, can be synchronized with self-hosted or third-party services, and is compatible with desktop clients like Outlook, Apple Reminders, Thunderbird, and Evolution!

Tasks has a simple privacy policy with no legalese. There are no advertisements, no ad trackers, no location tracking, and no shady monetization schemes! Don’t trust anyone with your data? Tasks supports end-to-end encryption, file-based synchronization, and offline use!

Shared lists
Tasks supports shared lists when synchronized with or a compatible self-hosted or third-party service. Collaboration features are currently under active development.

Customizable themes, icons, and widgets
Customize the look and feel of Tasks with themes, custom colors, and 200+ icons. Tasks’ home screen widget offers many configuration options

Helpful reminders
Notifications in Tasks are convenient, customizable, and reliable. Set up persistent notifications that can't be cleared from your notification tray. Quickly snooze or complete reminders from your notification tray or wearable device.

Location features
Pick a location on a map or search for nearby places, then set up arrival and departure location-based reminders. And if you follow the GTD methodology you’ll love the ability to organize your tasks by location!

Automatic backups can back up your data to internal storage, Google Drive, and the Android Backup service

Fair pricing
All of Tasks' source code is available at, and most features are free to use. In order to support my work a ‘name your price’ subscription is required to unlock all themes, colors, icons, Tasker plugins, and advanced synchronization options. Choose any subscription price, starting at $0.99 USD per year, to unlock all in-app features and support future development. Subscriptions include a 7-day free trial.

For questions or support:
- Email [email protected]
- Visit r/tasks on Reddit
- Follow @tasks_org on Twitter
- Join #tasks on Freenode

From version Open-source To-Do Lists & Reminders 11.9.2:

11.9.2 (2021-03-29)

* Update translations

11.9.1 (2021-03-25)

* Bug fixes and translation updates

11.9 (2021-03-20)

* New calendar and clock pickers
* New preference to default to text input for date and time

11.8 (2021-03-15)

* CalDAV: Send shared list invites
* Show shared list invite status in list settings

11.7 (2021-03-08)

* CalDAV: Display shared list members in list settings

Full release notes:

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