Make phone calls with the HomeTalk app at home in your Deutsche Telekom access Wi-Fi network at fixed-line tariff terms and conditions. Save the cost of acquiring an additional fixed-line telephone. Mobile and fixed-line are combined in your smartphone. Use your smartphone address book and make calls with HD Voice in top quality.


- Make calls with your smartphone using your cheap fixed-line tariff
- Use the contact list saved on your smartphone
- See frequently called numbers in the call history
- Make and receive HD Voice calls in top quality
- Phone securely through login and encrypted calls
- Block unwanted callers
- Choose your own ringtone


- Logging in requires your password and your e-mail address connected to your IP-based Telekom Internet tariff (fixed-line), e.g. MagentaZuhause, MagentaEINS, Call & Surf IP or Entertain IP.
- HomeTalk can only be used in a Telekom fixed-line access Wi-Fi network. HomeTalk does not work in mobile networks or HotSpots.
- Calls are invoiced in line with the terms and conditions of your Telekom fixed-line tariff.
- No Telekom mobile tariff is necessary - HomeTalk also works with other mobile operators or without SIM, e.g. with a tablet.
- No incoming calls can be accepted on HomeTalk during ongoing mobile calls.
- For HD Voice calls, the other party in the call must also be using an HD Voice-compatible device.
- Call quality depends on the Wi-Fi strength/connection, speed and workload of your Internet access (e.g. streaming, using Entertain or downloads).
- HomeTalk is compatible with devices using Android 4.4 and higher.


We look forward to hearing what you think on Google Play. We appreciate your feedback – it helps us make the app better.

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From version HomeTalk 2.3.5:

- display errors are fixed
- no duplicates of contacts/numbers any more
- more bug fixing
Install and rate the latest version today.
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