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Thanks for using MyTeletalk! We are regularly updating our app to fix bugs, improve performance, designs and add new features to help you connect with Teletalk the state owned mobile operator of Bangladesh.

About MyTeletalk

Teletalk- the only state owned mobile network operator of Bangladesh is introducing the MyTeletalk App. The subscribers will get amazing experience with MyTeletalk App not only because its feature of mobile recharge and purchasing internet bundle offers like operators app mostly do, but also because of the value added service payments- such as admission fees, recruitment fees alongside the utility bill payments.
Android users will just require downloading a light app from the Google Play store and installing the app to get access to important information about mobile usage at the users’ fingertips. They will find out their balance details and get exciting telecharge offers, compare packages and choose the best customized tailor made offers for them in a blink of an eye. MyTeletalk will be more than an app, which will change the experience of using a mobile operators’ app. Let’s take a look at some of the wonderful features MyTeletalk will present to its subscribers.
• Balance Details
Subscribers can check every package details and Talk-Time & Internet balance SMS, MMS & all other balance details very easily and instantly.
• Latest Offers:
Get notified about all our latest offering right from MyTeletalk, and buy them in just a few easy steps.
• Telecharge Balance Transfer
Subscribers of Teletalk can help each other by sharing balance from one account to another safely.
• Recruitment Fees Payment
Job seeking subscribers can pay all the government and non government recruitment application fees including BCS Examination fees, using their MyTeletalk App. This feature is a unique one for MyTeletalk.
• Admission Fees Payment
Student- subscribers can pay the admission test fees of all public universities and again this will not be possible by other operators apps as majority of the admission applications are being conducted by Teletalk VAS.
• Utility Bill Payment
All the utility bills including REB Bills can be paid with the MyTeletalk App instantly.
Features at a glance:
• Recharge & Bill pay
• Offers details
• Latest campaign and offers update
• Buy packs & Offers
• To make your own bundle
• College Admission, Jobs, Recruitment, Results, Re-Scrutiny, etc.
• Tariff Plan
• Internet Packages
• VAS Services
• Teletalk Support

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