CommonHealth helps you collect and manage personal health data and share it with the health services, organizations, and apps you trust.

CommonHealth now supports SMART Health Card digital vaccine records. NOTE: Paper CDC cards are not supported at this time.

What is a SMART Health Card?
- A SMART Health Card is a digital or printed version of your vaccination history or test results, shared through QR Codes and issued by supported states, pharmacies, and providers listed here:
- If you have not been issued a SMART Health Card yet, please watch for news from your state or provider as many will be adding the SMART Health Card option in the coming months.

Samsung Pay and Google Pay users! You can now export your SMART Health Card from CommonHealth to your digital wallet.

CommonHealth is connected to more than 400 data sources and counting (including Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and New York-Presbeterian). Once your provider is connected to CommonHealth, you can choose to share your health records and data with apps and services vetted by CommonHealth for security and trustworthiness.

CommonHealth was developed by The Commons Project, a nonprofit public trust that puts privacy, informed consent, and the interests of people above all.

From version CommonHealth 1.7.5:

Thanks for your feedback!
- We're working to support the newest health data types: Documents/PDFs, Care plans and Goals.
- Once your provider supports these, you'll be able to see your documents under the Records tab

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