Control interest-based advertising on apps on your mobile device. California residents can submit requests to opt out of the sale of personal information under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

AppChoices gives you transparency with participating companies, and lets you limit their collection of cross-app data for interest-based ads. Brought to you by the Digital Advertising Alliance, and backed up by the DAA’s independent accountability program, AppChoices lets you opt out from interest-based advertising with a particular company, or “Choose All Companies” with one simple click.

Did you know that some of the ads you receive in apps are customized based on predictions about your interests generated from your app usage? This is called interest-based advertising (IBA). AppChoices gives you choices about whether you receive this type of advertising that is based on cross-app data collected over time across different apps and devices. To opt out of IBA with a particular company, simply set the switch next to the company’s logo from “ON” to “OFF.” AppChoices lets you decide which, if any, participating companies deliver interest-based advertising to your device.

When it comes to ads in your apps based on your interests, it’s your choice.

California residents may also use AppChoices to submit requests to opt out from the sale of personal information under the CCPA for this device for some or all of the participating companies. To request an opt out for a particular company, set the Status button located next to the company's logo to "Send." Select "CA Opt Out Send All" to opt out from all the listed companies. To learn more about a particular company's policies, click on its logo.

AppChoices también está disponible en español. Solo establece la configuración al idioma español.

You may still receive other types of advertising in your apps from participating DAA companies, and these companies (and other apps) may still collect information for other purposes consistent with the DAA Principles. You can learn more about these Principles and the DAA’s enforcement and accountability program by visiting this page.

The CCPA opt outs provided through this Tool apply to the sale of personal information by participating companies. You may still receive advertisements that do not involve the sale of personal information subject to the CCPA.

V 1.4.1

From version AppChoices 1.5.2:

Improvements and bug fixes

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Latest: 1.5.2 on October 16, 2022
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