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Free42 is a re-implementation of the HP-42S calculator and the HP-82240 printer.
It is a complete rewrite, not using any HP code, and it does not require an HP-42S ROM image.
Free42 is an Open Source project. The executables and source code are released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2.
All third-party code used in Free42 is either in the public domain, or licensed under terms compatible with GPLv2, or used with the authors' permission.

From version Free42 2.5.22a:


Fixed crash on certain older devices.


Pre-populating file names in file selection dialogs now.

Implemented LASTO. This is related to LSTO like ASTO is related to STO.

Implemented No-Operation (NOP) function.

GETKEY didn't halt on Shift-EXIT. Fixed.

Implemented GETKEY1 function. This works like the regular GETKEY, except it only halts on R/S.

STOFLAG didn't update the G and RAD annunciators when flags 42 or 43 were changed. Fixed.

Implemented range option for STOFLAG.

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