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– You can now open a joint bank account in the app to share expenses with family or friends, with each person having their own card – you may even add those who aren't Tinkoff customers yet.
– If you’ve changed your phone number, remember to change it in Tinkoff as well. You can do that in our app by going to Profile – Your data. We place great emphasis on your account security – should any doubts arise on our side.

Best Mobile Bank App in Russia (according to Markswebb Rank & Report and Deloitte) in 2013–2017.

∙ Apply for any of Tinkoff Bank`s products and make appointments with the Bank’s representatives
∙ Log in with your telephone number or user name, authenticate with your access code or fingerprint
∙ Get or recover your login and password right in the app
∙ Card activation before/after authorisation

Payments and transfers
∙ Pay with a card issued by any Russian bank for your cell phone, Internet provider, home telephone and
utility bills, traffic fines, government services, top up your Troika, etc.
∙ Make payments and Card2Card transfers with no registration
 Set up automatic payments for your home phone, electricity and utility bills, taxes and fines
∙ Set up recurring and automatic payments
∙ Scan receipt QR codes to speed up payments, no bank details required
∙ Check & pay traffic fines, subscribe to notifications about new fines
∙ Subscribe to and make one-tap payments for bills from Moscow utility companies, Mosenergosbyt, and MGTS
∙ Subscribe to traffic fines and debts to the Federal Tax Service and Federal Bailiffs Service, pay taxes and debts
∙ Access your incoming bills and invoices (e.g., from online retailers or tax authorities)
∙ Withdraw cash from Tinkoff ATMs using QR codes
∙ Make instant transfers: between your own accounts, from and to any card, using a phone number
(send your money to any bank, no details required), to other banks and state-owned entities
∙ Transfer money from Tinkoff debit to third-party cards (up to RUB 20,000 per month) with no fee
∙ Transfer money to foreign bank cards
∙ Make instant transfers to Tinkoff cardholders using QR codes
∙ Edit payment templates (e.g., purpose)
∙ Sort your contacts easily
∙ Save detailed payment and transfer receipts

Product management
∙ Enjoy the new account list, detailed account and card screens
∙ Access all of Tinkoff`s financial products in one app: cards, deposits, cash loans
∙ Record other banks’ cards for Tinkoff Bank payments and instant top-ups, no bank details required
∙ Enjoy the special multiple-card access mode and view transactions for any of your cards
∙ Receive account and transactions statements
∙ Enable and manage the overdraft option
∙ Enjoy virtual card support (Tinkoff Wallet)
∙ View limitations for free top-ups, withdrawals and transfers to third-party cards in the account details

∙ Make NFC contactless payments using a MasterCard-certified technology
∙ Enable Google Pay for your Tinkoff cards (Mastercard or Visa)
∙ Set up and change your card PIN
∙ Immediately block, re-issue and request additional cards
∙ Change your card payment confirmation mode – by PIN or by signature

Search and analytics
∙ View spend charts and deposit analysis
∙ Explore all transactions in the Event List: see general expense statistics or filter transactions by date,
account or name
∙ Global in-app search: in transactions, favourite payments and service providers or contacts

∙ Enjoy hot special offers (with new offer notifications)
∙ Choose categories with higher cash backs
∙ Estimate your cash back
∙ Manage points or miles if you participate in a loyalty programme

∙ Benefit from easy and comfortable access to card limits
∙ Enjoy secure transactions abroad
∙ Add to your protection with security questions

And also much, much more
∙ A shortcut menu for devices supporting this feature
∙ The best inter-account transfer rates on the Russian market (closest to the current FX trade)
∙ Contact the bank by phone over the Internet (app uses audio and VoIP background modes) or by
phone, by e-mail or by chat and through social networks
∙ Tinkoff ATMs and special offers right on the map, available all across Russia
∙ The nearest top-up points (filter by the bank’s partners, currency, top-up amount)
∙ Monitor FX rates and their dynamics (Tinkoff Bank / Bank of Russia)

Tinkoff Black tariff:

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