About Tower VPN - Fast, Secure Proxy

Tower VPN – Fast, Secure Proxy is a free premium VPN proxy app that provides you lightning fast VPN connection with stable, secure and private servers. No registration and configuration required, just one tap VPN proxy connect button you can easily and quickly access blocked websites, apps or games in your country. Download the free Tower VPN proxy app now to get fast, private and secure internet access.
Tower VPN is a global VPN proxy network, free unlimited vpn, a totally free, safe, fast and unlimited vpn proxy. The app has over 100 virtual locations worldwide. With 400+ fast and secure servers, you can click the flag and change servers any time you want.
VPN stands for the virtual private network. Free, fast VPN proxy app encrypts your internet connection so third parties cannot track your online activity. Especially when you use public free Wi-Fi, your internet safety and security will be guaranteed. Tower VPN free unlimited gives you protection by hiding your IP address and the location.
Here are the reasons why Tower VPN – Fast, Secure Proxy has become one of the best unlimited free VPN proxy apps around:
- Large number of servers, high-speed bandwidth. Enjoy the unlimited VPN bandwidth with the best VPN speed.
- The app has over 400 fastest servers.
- Connect over a hundred virtual locations worldwide.
- Fast and secure connection.
- Change your IP address with fast Tower VPN.
- Unlimited capacity.
- Simple user interface, friendly and easy to use. Simple to connect unlimited Tower VPN. No registration or login required, with just one tap free VPN proxy connect button to connect quickly to a free VPN proxy server.
- Internet is secure and anonymous. Thanks to unlimited free Tower VPN, you can surf the net quickly, securely and privately. Access any content, no matter where you are. Say goodbye to blocked services and websites. Tower VPN proxy app protects your real identity and sensitive data wherever you are thanks to high-level encryption protocol like OpenVPN
- Unlimited devices. You can connect and surf the web, play games on multiple devices with one account.
- Fast online. Using Tower VPN proxy does not slow down your device. You can comfortably surf the web, stream videos and play games without any lag. You will have the best experience with super fast VPN servers.
- High-level encryption protocols: OpenVPN, IPsec
- Strict no-logging policy. User privacy is highly valued, good security.
- Works with Wi-Fi, 5G, LTE/4G, 3G telecom networks.
- Allows to check the speed of the network in use. The application allows to measure the ping, download and upload speed of the network in use.
- Apps using VPN. You can manage the list of applications that are allowed to use the VPN. You can enable/disable VPN usage for each application.
- Connection center. You can adjust ON/OFF for the following functions:
• Connect on startup: Automatically connect to fast Tower VPN proxy on device startup.
• Connect on application launch: Automatically connect to VPN when opening the app.
• Disconnect on sleep: Disconnect from the VPN proxy when the device goes to sleep.
- Smart VPN. The application allows to automatically connect to the VPN proxy when you use an application. After being granted user access and enabling the feature, you choose the apps that when using these applications the system will automatically connect to the VPN. Thus, from the next time you use those apps, they will automatically connect to the VPN.
- Trusted wifi network. Turn off Tower VPN when connecting to a network that the user trusts. You choose the Wi-Fi networks you trust. When the device uses those networks, the system disconnects through the VPN.
Download now the free, unlimited and fast Tower VPN app to experience your favorite websites, apps and games securely and privately!

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