FitToFit allows you to transfer your fitness data from Fitbit to Google Fit. The data is queried directly from your Fitbit account and inserted into Google Fit. To do this, you must first log in with your Fitbit account and give FitToFit access to the data that you want to transfer. You will then be asked to connect to your Google account, into which the data from Fitbit should be inserted. FitToFit uses the access and your data exclusively for the transfer from Fitbit to Google Fit. Your data is not stored outside of Fitbit and Google Fit.

FitToFit can handle:
- steps
- activities
- distances
- heart rate
- sleep
- weight
- body fat
- food
- water

You can select and change the data types in the app settings.

NOTE: It may happen that the data you transfer is not immediately visible in the Google Fit app, because it will take a while for all the images to be updated. Some data types are currently not displayed in the Google Fit app graphics (such as body fat, food & water).

With the AutoSync feature, the steps can be automatically transferred from your Fitbit account to Google Fit. If you prefer manual synchronization, the reminder function helps you to remember this. Both functions can be activated under the menu item "Settings" when required. The AutoSync function allows you to choose between different intervals.

This app is available in English and German.

Thanks to Chris Stasonis for the Fitbit API sample modules! (

From version FitToFit 6.0:

- Update to the latest version of the Google Fit interface
- Improvements for the transfer of sleep data

Note: Due to changes in the Google Fit interface, additional access rights must be granted after the update. In order to only have to grant the access rights that are required for the desired data transfers, these can be limited via the "restrict access" button before the Fitbit login on the start page.

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