What's new in Toolwiz Photos - Pro Editor

1. The face-swap function is newly upgraded, and the effect is more harmonious now
2. Optimized the face detection mechanism of the face changing application
3. Optimized some problems that may cause the program to crash
4. Fix other known problems

From version Toolwiz Photos - Pro Editor 11.22:

About Toolwiz Photos - Pro Editor

Toolwiz Photos is a superior way to make creative and gorgeous photos on Android. Toolwiz Photos is the best all-in-one PRO photo editor providing 200+ powerful tools. This freeware is trying to offer a whole edit toolkit for you.
*Key Features*
Magic Filters: 40+ style filters, Let’s rock your GPU.
Art Filters: Landscape, People, Glamour Glow, Grainy Film, LOMO, Flatten, Art, Strong, Vintage, 50+ Fast Filters, 80+ perfect Feeling tone filters.
Image Process: Blending Mixer, Layers, Rotate, Crop, Perspective, Resize, Reshape, Flip, Expand, Shrink, Patch, Healing, Lens Correction, Refit, Deskew, Lasso, Magic Cutout, Magic wand, Draw, Mosaic.
Image Tone: Levels, RGB Curve, Brightness, Temperature, Tint, Contrast, Toning, White Balance, Color Balance, Color Effect, Color Transfer, Auto-Tone, Gradient Map, Day lighting.
Image Enhance Day, Spring, Night, Dark, Landscape, Underexposure, Portrait, Fog mode.
Art Effect: PIP, Double Exposure, Mirror, Kaleidoscope, Fish Eye, Polar Coordinates, Target, Color Splash, Spatial, Water Reflection, Soft Smudge, Deep Render, Urban, Texturizer, Watermark
Decorate: Sticker, Frame, Border, Square Fit, Texture, Flare, DUO, Clip-art
HDR: Global, Partial, Keep, High Contrast, 30+ others
Black White: Classic, High-Contrast, Max Channel, Min Channel, General, 50+ others
20+ Blurs: Box, Linear, Gaussian, Zoom Blur, Radial, Motion, Cross, Surface,
10+ Paintings Style: Fire, Freeze, Color Lead Painting, Quick Sketch, Line Drawing, Oil Painting, Gouache, Abstract, Wall Painting, Crayon Drawing, Claborate-style Painting.
Drawing: Doodle, Mosaic, Free Draw, Text, Line, Circle, Rectangle, Smudge, Eraser.
Selfie and Polish: Skin Polish, Face Swap, Face Rater, Whiten, Dermabrasion, Face Tune, Slim Face, Face Change, Makeup, Slim Body, Height Stretching, Bright Eye, Enlarge Eye, Whiten Teeth, Blemish, Red-Eyes Removal.
Text: Movie subscript, MEME, Free Input, Decals, all with shadow and mask support.
Free Online Resource: 150+ PIP frames, 400+ layouts, 2000+ Stickers, 200+ texture, 200+ Flare, 100+ Light Leak, 200+ text fonts.
Congratulations, you finally found the right tool. Let's rock the world!

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Toolwiz Photos - Pro Editor 11.17


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Toolwiz Photos - Pro Editor 11.12


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Toolwiz Photos - Pro Editor 11.09


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Toolwiz Photos - Pro Editor 11.07


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Toolwiz Photos - Pro Editor 11.04


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