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From version Transact eAccounts 2024.3.2 (2024071001):

Thanks for using eAccounts! This version contains:

- New FAQ Feature
- Bug Fixes and Enhancements

About Transact eAccounts

For users at participating campuses and institutions, eAccounts mobile makes it easy to view account balances, add money and track recent transactions. At select campuses, users can now add their ID card to the eAccounts app to access places like your dorm, the library, and events; or pay for laundry, snacks, and dinners using their Android phone.

Key Features & Benefits:
* View account balances
* Track recent transactions
* Add money to accounts using a previously-saved payment method
* Add your ID card to the app (select campuses)
* Barcode (select campuses)
* Barcode shortcut (select campuses)
* Report cards lost or found
* Multi Factor Authentication
* Change PIN
* Campus or institution must subscribe to eAccounts service
* Campus or institution must enable mobile features to provide access to users
* Wi-Fi or cellular data plan for Internet access
Contact your campus ID card office to check availability.

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Transact eAccounts 2024.3.2 (2024071001)

Version:2024.3.2 (2024071001)

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Version:2024.3.1 (2024070402)

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Version:2024.3.0 (2024052001)

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Version:2024.2.1 (2024042901)

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Transact eAccounts 2024.2.0 (2024040902)

Version:2024.2.0 (2024040902)

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Version:2024.1.14 (2024032103)

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Transact eAccounts 2024.1.13 (2024022203)

Version:2024.1.13 (2024022203)

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Transact eAccounts 2024.1.12 (2024021205)

Version:2024.1.12 (2024021205)

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Transact eAccounts 2024.1.0 (2024010401)

Version:2024.1.0 (2024010401)

Uploaded:January 23, 2024 at 10:36AM UTC

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Transact eAccounts 2023.5.0 (2023111401)

Version:2023.5.0 (2023111401)

Uploaded:November 22, 2023 at 10:01AM UTC

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