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Previous name: "Open in WhatsApp (click to chat)", changed to comply with WhatsApp guidelines.


[Note: being a free without ads nor purchases app, the progress and updates are based on the reception and support from you.]

[New: There is now a web version, compatible with WhatsApp Web: ]

Did you know you can open a chat in WhatsApp with any number without saving first into contacts by opening in your browser the link '' (using the prefix+number desired)?

Originally that link was longer and more difficult to remember, so I made this tiny app to help in the process.

Since then I have added multiple functionalities (enter message, share link, list of country codes, create shortcut, save recent and pinned, open recent calls via add-on, and a few more) but always with these three principles:
1) Make the smaller app possible. This means no extra unrelated content, no extra libraries and no useless things. Currently its size is around 100KB=0.1MB. Less than a standard picture!
2) Use as few permissions as possible. Only the create_shortcut permission is used, nothing else! (no calls, no storage, no internet).
3) No ads. I hate ads. I will never add ads, adware, spyware, user tracking or other nasty stuff.

If you want a small tool to help you open numbers in WhatsApp, try it. If you prefer an app that sends your data to Google, there are clones out there.


Thanks to Timofey Lisunov, Matheus Damacs, Yusuf Emen, Benjamin Yılmaz Çetiner, Richard Anderson (Hirai RCD), Aditya, Armand Secco, Yoni Cohen jonbir3, MageshBabu K (mage1k99), artmann (Dwi Legowo) and Steven Felix for the translations!

Permissions used:
SHORTCUT: To create shortcuts in the launcher.
-Nothing else- (they aren't necessary)

Apk size:
~100 KB (0,1MB)
From version Click to chat [small, no ads] 2.11.1:
Support has increased slightly, but notably. Thank you.

V 2.11.1
- Updated Indonesia and Russian translations
- Fixed crash on Instant app version

V 2.11
- New option: Restore prefix on close
- New option: Auto-open when a number is selected
- Fix reopened number when launched from recents
- Enabled animations
- Missing South Sudan prefix code

Do you like the update? Suggestions? You can say so in the comments or in the blog!
Latest: 2.11.1 on September 8, 2020
Latest: 2.11 on August 30, 2020
Latest: 2.11.1 on September 8, 2020
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