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Ditch manual mileage logbooks for the #1 automatic mileage tracker! Trusted by over 500,000 users worldwide, TripLog helps drivers save time spent logging and processing their mileage logs and easily access IRS-compliant reports.

Top Benefits of TripLog

• TripLog helps users save an average of $7,200 annually.
• Save significant time by automating your mileage & expense capture.

The Most Feature-rich Mileage & Expense Tracking App

• Automatic Mileage Capture: TripLog uses accurate GPS, ensuring drivers never miss a mile. With six unique tracking options to choose from, users can find the method that works best for them.
• Expense Capture: Upload your paper receipts, tolls, and fuel receipts for easy reimbursement. Scan fuel & gas receipts with OCR text recognition.
• Better Map Views: Multiple-stop route planning, daily driving overview, frequently traveled heatmap, most visited locations, longest stayed places, and real-time fleet tracking.
• Calendar Integration: Read meetings from Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, and Salesforce and import them into TripLog.
• Tax Compliant Reports: Hassle-free tax logs.

Miles = Money

TripLog is perfect for the self-employed, employers, and employees, for any and all business needs:

• Employers: Businesses rely on TripLog to track their team’s mileage expenses and reimbursements, as well as minimize their tax exposure.
• Employees: Employees can easily track and submit mileage expense logs for fast, accurate reimbursement, so you never miss a deserved dollar.
• Business owners: Business owners can cover a single car or a small fleet of vehicles to ensure accurate and tax compliant mileage tracking. TripLog is the best mileage tracker for contractors, sales representatives, real estate agents, and home care providers.
• Freelancers: Freelancers can easily segment between business use and personal use when tracking mileage related to work.
• Independent contractors: Contractors can easily keep their business and personal mileage separate and properly track mileage related to client work.
• Built for the gig economy: TripLog makes it easy for rideshare drivers to track mileage related to service passengers and reporting expenses to the IRS. Great for Uber / Lyft / GrubHub / etc.
• Personal use: Whether using a vehicle for charity work or personal reasons, TripLog helps keep track of virtually every mileage situation.

TripLog provides accurate mileage tracking for tax deductions and reimbursements for every type of user and business, big or small. From drivers using their cars for their rideshare business to companies offering mileage reimbursement to their employees, TripLog offers diverse options and features for every type of user.

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May 8, 2022
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