• Fixed a issue which resulted in Premium subscriptions getting automatically cancelled and refunded shorty after subscribing
• Fixed duplicate categories
• Improved transition animation when switching between main screens
• Minor bugfixes and stability improvements

If you've been affected by the subscription problem and you're still interested in our Premium Upgrade then please give it another try once the option becomes available. Sorry about the issue and thanks for your support

AppSales offers an easy, convenient way to find and download the best apps and games on sale or free for a limited time. Personalize your experience with advanced filter options, monitor app prices and discover the latest sales and trending apps.

✔ *NEW* Discover paid apps that are free for a limited time

Google recently made it possible for developers to make their paid apps available for free for a short time which wasn’t possible before. Our new “Now Free” tab highlights those deals so you can grab those apps while the offer lasts.

✔ App price monitoring has never been this easy!

Feature overview:
• Modern, intuitive user interface (Material 2.0 Design)
• Constantly updated list of sales
• Get notified about the new best sales on the Google Play Store and apps gone free
• Only the hottest apps, games, and wallpapers
• A price history provides transparency, allowing you to compare prices over time as well
• Dismiss apps you're not interested in
• Search for your new favorite apps and add them to your Watchlist
• Advanced filter options to personalize your experience
• Sync your Watchlist across multiple Android devices
• Share sales with your family and friends
• Dark Theme / Night mode

✔ Your Personal Watchlist
Add apps, games, and wallpapers to your personal Watchlist and receive a notification once the app goes on sale.

✔ Price History
A Price History lets you easily view the min, the max, and the average price during the last 60 days (360 for Premium user). Validate sales and detect price-patterns to save money by purchasing an app at the best time, usually during a price drop on the Google Play Store.

✔ Watchlist Charts
Grouped into 3 sections (Last 48 hours, last 30 days and 1 Year) you can easily discover brand new trending apps or the most popular paid apps.

✔ Advanced Filter Options
Use filters to personalize the list of sales by defining your minimum discount-, download-, watchcount- and rating threshold. You can also choose to hide apps with ads or in-app purchases.

✔ Dismiss Apps
Dismiss apps you already own or you’re not interested in and they won’t show up the next time they are on sale.

✔ Categories
Not interested in apps of certain categories (e.g. Games or Wallpapers)? No problem, you can disable notifications for specific categories or completely hide them from your sale list.

✔ Customizable Highlights Section
Set up filter, specify categories, blacklist certain app types and developers to get a list of sales you’re interested in.

Why Should I Download AppSales Best Apps On Sale? (tl;dr)
AppSales lets you discover the best apps and games on sale thanks to our advanced filter and customization options. Other functions, like a price monitor or Watchlist Charts, makes AppSales an all-in-one solution for apps gone free deals and offers.

Suggestions? Feedback? Leave us a comment or rating in the Google Play Store or contact us at: info@app-sales.net

Please note: Actual prices may vary depending on your location and currency.

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March 22, 2020
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