Thank you for updating JotterPad.

The latest update supports writing APA, MLA, IEEE or any popular academic paper formats in Markdown.

* Markdown: Supports Citation, Footnote & Reference
* BibTeX Citation Source Manager
* Bug fix: Page break before heading

Happy writing!

From reed and papyrus, pen to keyboard, and now to our smartphones; the way we write has evolved. JotterPad strives to be an all-encompassing writing tool for writers, screenwriters, screenplay writers, authors, book writers, bloggers and storytellers of all kinds. Jotterpad is a WYSIWYG Markdown and Fountain editor that aids with planning, writing, formatting and publishing your work, ridding you of the hassles and fuss of traditional word processors.

Use Markdown and Fountain syntax to write to your heart’s content, and leave the technical know-how’s of formatting to us. No more fussing over the layout and structure of your writing, and shape your thoughts into words with ease. Have beautifully structured documents at your fingertips.

Over 60 Writing Templates For You To Choose From
Choose from a wide variety of templates to guide you with the formatting of your work. Use the templates as a guide for your creativity, and let your ideas & words flow unhindered. Because all that's left for you to do is focus on your content. Once you're done, convert your writing into novels, books, articles, reports and even presentation slides.

Meet Industry-Standard Screenwriting Formats Without Fuss
Have your pick from a range of Fountain screenwriting templates, such as Broadway Musical, Podcasts scripts, Radio Sitcom, BBC Stage Play, Dramatists Guild Modern Musical, and many more to make your next story come alive. Let your creativity take the forefront, and the formatting to your writing tool, JotterPad.

Sync Your Work To The Cloud Seamlessly
JotterPad offers automatic sync and offline-functioning capacities. Sync your files on Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive on your Android and Chromebook. Seamlessly convert the abstractions of your thoughts into words wherever you want, whenever you want.

Continue to work even offline. And fret not, as JotterPad syncs your work to the cloud services once you are back online.

Supports Mathematical Language
Adding and formatting mathematical equations will not be cumbersome anymore. Effortlessly add intricate mathematical expressions and formulae with LaTex or TeX equations and have them perfectly rendered in your document.

Simply insert your equations into your document with the click of a button, or use equation-typing syntax of LaTeX.

Share Your Works With Anyone
Export your written work into multiple formats; Word, PDF, HTML, rich text, Final Draft (.fdx), Fountain and Markdown without complications.

Publish your work to Tumblr, Ghost, or Wordpress for anyone to enjoy.

Get Your Work Out There
With JotterPad, there is no unnecessary drama. Export your written work into PDF, HTML, rich text, Final Draft, Fountain and Markdown without messing up… the only drama you need is the drama you've written about in your stories.

You can now instantly publish whatever you've written on JotterPad to Tumblr, Wordpress and Ghost in the exact format you've written it in, without having to worry.

Spruce Up your Work with Images
Access millions of high-resolution, editorial images on Unsplash, or your very own images from your gallery and weave them into your writings.

Never Panic Again
The in-built Version Control automatically backs up your work as you write. Put your mind at ease, and write with confidence. Write, review and edit to your heart's content without worrying about losing even a single word from previous draft versions.

JotterPad also offers many features such as:
- Dictionary
- Thesaurus
- Search & Replace
- Rhyming Dictionary
- Light/dark theme
- Night light
- In-app file manager
- Custom fonts
- Upload images
- Cross-platform support

READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Access text files.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Create and save text files.

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14.2.3C-pi APK
March 20, 2023
Android 5.0+
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