Join the UNICEF Kid Power Team and turn your everyday activity into lifesaving food for severely malnourished children around the world. Families and friends can join together and activate their inner hero to see who can get in the most steps and have the greatest impact on any given day, week or month!

Named one of the Best 25 Inventions of 2016 by TIME Magazine. Connect your phone, or UNICEF Kid Power Band to use your everyday activity to help severely malnourished kids around the world!

As seen in WIRED, HUFFINGTON POST, US WEEKLY, E!, FORBES and NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, the UNICEF Kid Power App is compatible with your smartphone and your Google fit – no Band required!

-DAILY CHALLENGES: For home users, you can now complete daily challenges to earn extra Power Points and RUTF with your daily activity!
-ROSTERING FOR SCHOOL: Now you can build and manage your classroom roster in the app!. If you’ve already added some students, but want to add more, you can do it in the profile view.
-SCHOOL PROGRAM FIXES: We found an annoying crash on GPad 7 and GPad 8 LG tablets so we fixed that. If you are using those tablets in your classroom, please reinstall the app to continue syncing your team’s steps. We also updated the RUTF popup and a few other little things.
-THANKS FOR YOUR FEEDBACK: Your feedback tells us what’s broken, what works for you and what can be better. Keep the notes coming, major or minor, we roll them into our updates all the time.

From version UNICEF Kid Power 2.49.18:

We have fixed a few defects and glitches to make sure your Kid Power experience continues to be smooth and uninterrupted.
Thanks for all the feedback you send about what works and what doesn’t! Get Active. Save Lives.

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