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* Ability to hide or show blocked clients in the clients list
* Ability to sort clients list by AP/PORT
* Ability to hide detail info in the client list item
* Clients list sorting by connection extended to sort by connection speed as well
* Better performance for longer clients list
* Fix of Live Chat notification
* Other small bugfixes
Introducing the UniFi mobile application. Use the UniFi app to:
- Access the UniFi Controller to manage entire networks of devices while on the go.
- Provision a UniFi Access Point (AP) for basic functionality without configuring a UniFi Controller.

The UniFi AP must be physically connected via an Ethernet cable to a network that provides IP addresses using DHCP.

How To:
1. Ensure that the UniFi AP is in its factory default state, displaying a solidly white LED.
2. Log into your Ubiquiti community or SSO (Single Sign-On) account for backup/restore functionality. (If you wish, you can skip this login.)
3. The UniFi AP should appear on the device list if your device Wi-Fi is enabled and both your device and UniFi AP are on the same layer-2 network. (This is similar to the device discovery feature for other Ubiquiti products.)
4. If your device Wi-Fi is not enabled (or your device is on another subnet), then select scan QR code from the menu. Note: This is available only for models with the QR code sticker.
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February 14, 2020
Android 4.2+
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