Upflix is the ultimate streaming guide for Netflix, HBO Max, Disney, Prime Video, and Hulu.

Looking for the best streaming guide for movies and series? Upflix is the perfect app for you! Keep track of new releases, discover where to watch your favorite content, and compare platforms like Netflix, HBOMax, Disney, Prime Video, and Hulu all in one place. With Upflix, you'll always stay up-to-date with what's available on the biggest streaming platforms.

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- Programming guide: Upflix offers a detailed and easy-to-use programming guide, showing all the content available on the major streaming platforms. With our programming guide, you'll always know what's available and where to watch it. Plan your movie and series marathons with ease and convenience.

- Compare platforms: Upflix allows you to easily compare major streaming platforms like Netflix, HBOMax, Disney, Prime Video, and Hulu to find the best option for you. Discover which platforms offer the best value and content selection for your preferences and budget. Make informed choices with the help of Upflix.

- Ratings and personalized lists: View ratings and reviews from other users to help you choose the next content to watch. Create personalized lists of your favorite movies and series, share them with friends and family, and discover new content based on your preferences.

Stay ahead in the streaming era with Upflix - your ultimate guide to movies and series on the top streaming platforms. If you're a subscriber to Netflix, Disney, Prime Video, HBO Max, or AppleTV+, Upflix is perfect for you!

All of them have a fantastic and huge combined catalog, with amazing movies and series, and it's easy to get lost in so many possibilities when choosing what to watch. But Upflix has a solution that will impress you and help you navigate Netflix, Prime Video, Disney, HBO Max, and Hulu like a boss.

Upflix is a versatile tool to assist users in sending, directly to their iOS device, in real-time, all the new movies, series, episodes, and documentaries arriving on the service. You'll have quick access to everything new in the catalog.

The Roulette mode helps you choose movies and series on Netflix when you don't know what to watch. Simply create your filters based on categories, IMDB scores, TMDB, and Rotten Tomatoes, and Upflix will suggest something to your taste.

Receive updates through notifications and share your favorite movies from Netflix, Prime Video, Disney, HBO Max, Hulu and AppleTV+ with your friends.

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