Stock Market Tracker helps you track your portfolio and watch US stocks and the global stock market. Live market data from NYSE, Dow 30, S&P, and more.

Build your portfolio and get stock price alerts with the best stock market app for Android.

Real-time stock quotes for NYSE, NASDAQ, Dow Jones, ETFs, Indices, S&P 500, and more!

Build your own portfolio and monitor your favorite stocks, indexes, mutual funds, and ETFs

Stock alerts and notifications for stocks on your watch list

Multiple portfolios to monitor your investments

Financial data including open price, close price, daily high/low, 52-week high/low, gain/loss, aftermarket and premarket, end-of-day quote, EPS, P/E ratio, dividend, and dividend yield

Stock charts and including daily and intraday charts, plus weekly, monthly, and yearly historical charts

Stock market news for tickers listed in US stock markets

Advanced features including ROA, ROE, cash flow including FCF and OCF per share, revenue growth, P/B, asset turnover, leverage, stocks tracker, forward P/E, and PEG ratio

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From version Stock Market Tracker 1.9.1:

More reliable alerts, more accurate market prices, and bug fixes.

Latest: 1.8.8 on September 7, 2022
Latest: 1.8.8 on September 7, 2022
Latest: 1.9.1 on December 29, 2022
Latest: 1.8.8 on September 7, 2022
Latest: 1.8.8 on September 7, 2022
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Stock Market Tracker 1.9.1
December 29, 2022


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Stock Market Tracker 1.8.8


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